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voice sounds robotic & distorted in headphones & playback

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asked Jan 31 in Studio One 5 by josephmancini (160 points)
Hello, I just received the AudioBox USB 96 bundle pack with Studio One Artist software. Hooked everything up and tried recording voice and there is a robotic/distorted sound on my voice prior to recording in headphones and during playback. Help!

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answered Jan 31 by tothrec (20,940 points)
That is typically due to the use of a buffer size that is too small for your computer.

Ctrl - [comma] to open Options

Go to Audio Setup tab

Select the Audio device page

What is your device block size?

What are your computer system specs?  Processor speed, etc.
asked Feb 1 in Studio One 5 by josephmancini (160 points) Answers below