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Can’t use studio one 5 and web browsers together

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asked Jan 31 in Studio One 5 by noelpozos (120 points)
When I open studio one websites like YouTube is unable to use. Video just has a spinning circle. And I can’t upload to any website. But if I was to turn on my computer (windows 10) and not open studio one everything works fine. Once I open studio one that’s when sites like YouTube stop working. I downloaded more web browser like chrome, opera etc. The same issue is still present. I tired playing a YouTube video while opening studio one, studio one just stop YouTube from playing. When studio one is fully open.

I wanted to know is their a why to stop studio one from interfering with the internet/ web browser.

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answered Jan 31 by tothrec (21,210 points)
Most pro audio interfaces don't share well with other audio programs (Media Player, YouTube, etc.).

There is an option within Studio One to allow access from other audio apps while S1 is running, but the side-effects are not worth it.

So I always close S1 when I need to play something or watch YouTube, etc.
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answered Feb 1 by bunkeraudio (580 points)
I use Firefox and they work fine together using different audio outputs. Haven't tried with same though. UsingWin10. Give it a shot!