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Universal Control didn't show the Quantum Interface

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asked Jan 31 in Thunderbolt - Quantum by studioerr (120 points)
Universal Control don't show me the Quantum 26x32 Interface. The firewire cable is in my new Catalina Mac.OS 10.15.7.  The blue LED from Interface is blinking. When I connect my Faderport 8 its shown in Universal Control Vers.

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answered Jan 31 by donboomer (1,380 points)
If the blue led is blinking than the device is not being recognized by the computer.  When it is it will stop blinking and stay lit.  So first thing to check is that you properly installed the driver and that with Mac you also have to authorize the driver (new Mac procedure for third party programs) within 30 minutes of installing it.  Otherwise it times out and you will have to uninstall and reinstall.  Once you get the blue led to lock on then the Universal Control app should connect.