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FaderPort1 V2 does not work with Magix Acid/Vegas with software's FaderPort Driver

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asked Jan 27 in FaderPort 2018 by gwlxspav (360 points)
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Hi PreSonus

I have FaderPort1 V2 (the single fader model, and not the original grey FaderPort Classic), and I wanted to let it work with Magix Acid or Magix Vegas since both of software have FaderPort Driver in their External Control And Automation option. But it does not work, the FaderPort V2 is recognizable as normal midi device, input output is ok, but I can't add it with FaderPort Driver said device not detected. I set FaderPort V2 to Mackie Control mode, and selected it as Mackie Control device in Acid, it responds but the control mapping is chaotic, can't manipulate at all.  I've searched internet for help, few threads about this issue, and even I can't find a way to workaround like making FaderPort V2 work in FaderPort Classic mode. And I can't register FaderPort DLL plugin directly. I saw no news from PreSonus nor Magix planned to remedy this for FaderPort V2 by backward compatibility or something to let it work with old school software again.

Actually to use with Acid and Vegas was my original purpose of purchasing FaderPort V2. Do I need to buy a second-hand FaderPort Classic to try again? I am not willing to do this uncertain thing, it doesn't make sense to have multiple FaderPorts stack around my desk.

Do you guys have an idea? I am looking forward to receive your message.

Thank you!

Ordinary Wong

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answered Feb 25 by gwlxspav (360 points)
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Finally I found the ultimate answer by using FaderPort1 V2 versus FaderPort Classic comparatively.

To my question above, the FaderPort V2 truly does NOT work with Magix Acid and Magix Vegas, no matter what you set it to Mackie Control mode or put old FaderPort DLL file into External Control Drivers folder of Acid/Vegas. NO! It does NOT.

But FaderPort Classic truly DOES work with Acid/Vegas very well! You can control many things for Acid/Vegas from it, except for video tracks in Vegas.  

I was trying to get the FaderPort Classic to work with BandLab Cakewalk, driver installation was ok, and I found FaderPort was at the list of control surface, but unfortunately they did NOT communicate each other. I didn't try it with old Sonar, probably was the same and it's unnecessary.

There is no exclusive mode of FaderPort V2 for Cakewalk, but you can use it with Mackie Control mode, just make sure you click the checkbox Select Highlights Track let yourself are able to see where the single fader is placed every time moves from one track to another.

Ok, so finally I do have multiple FaderPorts stack around my desk. Very funny hunh? LOL. And yes because I already have FaderPort V2 which is more capable, I am considering to purchase Studio One and Atom controllers to optimize my workflow.
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answered Jan 27 by AlexTinsley (913,420 points)
Contact Magix, they maintain their own implementations of our FaderPort products in their software.