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No inputs recognized

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asked Jan 26 in Computer Based Recording & Production by michaelbarrett12 (180 points)
My MacBook Pro is not recognizing that my Interface / Mic / Guitar / MIDI is plugged in so I cannot record anything as there are no Inputs to select from.

Has anyone else had this issue on a MacBook Pro, how did you resolve it?

Many thanks,

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answered Mar 8 by daryldorsey (140 points)
I am having the same problem and searching frantically for an answer. Where you able to fix this?  If I find one, I'll share.
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answered Mar 13 by johnperales (350 points)
I'm using an old Mac mini and I'm having the same problem. from what I've read so far, from )S 10X 10.4 and higher (Im using 10.16.3 High Sierra/S15.2/AudioBox96/Atom/microKorg Air 32/Alesis SamplePad4)), should connect automatically without the need for UC Driver. However I need it for my Presonus ATOM. **The problem is that I don't see the AudioBox 96 as a choice to set as an Aggregator in Utilities' Midi Manager. Bottom line is that I've done everything from -unistalling UC Correctly to reinstalling to uninstalling again rebooting with complete shutdown each time with NO LUCK. very frustrating because I don't want to go back to my week PC. please share if something actually works.

**I have ticket in with support so if I find anything, my problem with my old Mac me be something all Macs need to do.