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A Stereo delay (separate L/R delay time control) plugin needed

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asked Jan 24 in Instruments and Plug-Ins by adarshchandran (3,690 points)
The stock Analog, beat and groove delay plugins are unable to configure the delay time of each channel (L/R) separately. For example, it should be possible to make the left channel feedback after every 5ms and the right channel feedback after every 20 ms. However in the stock Studio one plugins, it is only possible to adjust the delay interval of the "overall feedback" of the stereo channel. In pro tools and Logic pro X, They have a Stock delay plugin called Stereo delay which makes it possible to control the delay of output of L and R separately. Otherwise I end up having to duplicate the track, offset it by a few milliseconds and then apply pitch shift which is not feasible to make another track just for the delay effect.

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answered Jan 24 by matthewritenburg (15,300 points)

You should be able to do this using the router in the channel editor to set up a channel split which splits stereo signals into pairs of mono signals for independent processing of left and right channel. With two splits, this turns a stereo signal into a pair of left/right mono signals. You can insert a copy of analog delay on both left and right, configure analog delay for mono processing, and get exactly the effect you want.  It took me about a minute to configure my left channel for 5ms and my right channel for 20ms.