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Studio One 4, interface compatibility

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asked Jan 24 in Studio One 4 by kevinlee40 (120 points)
I currently have a, *********  XENYX X2222USB, with Presonus Studio One 4 (DAW). It currently will not interface the channels separately, but rather a stereo for one channel L or R, for all the drums. Will a ********* U Phoria umc404hd interface allow 4 separate, output channels to the DAW?  Can I use them both, together at one time, like I've done with other interfaces, or do I have to assign only one?

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answered Jan 31 by tothrec (20,890 points)
Are you saying that you are unable to click on "Add Mono" when you are on the Audio I/O Setup "Outputs" screen?

From what I can tell, you most definitely should be able to use all four of the *********'s four inputs as distinct audio sources in Studio One.

As far as having two different kinds of audio interfaces, that's a bit more tricky and you'll need some way to sync them up (clock).