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StudioLive 32R as an interface with Logic

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asked Jan 18 in StudioLive Series III by NSW Police Band (120 points)
Hi I'm wanting to use the StudioLive32R as an audio interface with Logic. I have installed it to the point where I can change the input of channel 1/2 to usb and hear audio that way, and I can route that audio via other soft inputs (like the digital return, for example) but I can't figure out how to directly route the Logic outputs directly to the physical mix outputs on the back of the hardware. My ideal setup would be sending Logic outputs 1/2 to the main LR outputs on the studiolive and then directly sending logic outputs 3/4 onward to each mix output on the studio live. I've tried using "interface mode" in universal control but it doens't seem to work for me. I've also tried various routing options in the routing matrixes but still no luck... Is there anychance you have a step-by-step guide for what I'd like to acheive? Many thanks

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