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Quantum 2626 flashing blue light issue running macOS Big Sur v11.1?

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asked Jan 12 in Thunderbolt - Quantum by johnmorgan27 (160 points)
having issues many others are with flashing blue light - I didn't install correctly with the Security & Privacy "allow" instructions the first time - have uninstalled & reboot 4 times but still can't get the pop up message so I can "allow" - please help

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answered Jan 14 by johnmorgan27 (160 points)

I was able to unlock the Security & Privacy General panel and see PreSonus to allow. Problem solved! 

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answered Apr 3 by ianwidgery (1,000 points)

The 2626 source clock gets stuck to SPDIF & its sample rate This causes the 2626 to be non-responsive and is then ignored by the M1 as a thunderbolt device. Don't be fooled the 2626 midi device works but no thunderbolt audio.

Here's my hack.
1. Load the universal control app.
2. Confuse the SPDIF input.
I used an DAT machine with SPDIF digital outs at 48k. Connect OUT of the digital source (dat) to the SPDIF input of the 2626. Ensure the digital output, in my case a tascam dat machine is set to digital, Connect to the 2626 SPDIF IN.
This confuses the unit and then becomes repose to thunderbolt once again, SOLID BLUE LIGHT, no restart required.

3. Go to the universal control app. The 2626 is now available once again with all the options. Change the source clock on the universal control to INTERNAL.

It works.

Now get this **** updated.

My hunch all along the new feature (1.3-86 )where the 2626 unit retains and remembers the digital settings and sync clock source.
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answered May 21 by galenanlohy1 (140 points)

Hi there,

This is the solution for people who have the Quantum 2626. This information was advised but one of thehe Pre Sonus technical customer service. Everything works at my end. See the following steps. And again !  Pre sonus thanks for your support. : )

"Thanks for sending that on. Your Quantum is showing as connected but not as an audio device. 

The Quantum Thunderbolt driver is showing up in disabled software meaning it was not installed. Mac have changed the security settings on M1 machines so you will need to power on your mac mini in recovery mode to change the security settings, allowing you to install extensions. 

Please run the Uninstaller found in the Universal Control download.

When complete, follow the steps in this article to change the security settings.

Run the UC 3.5 Installer.

When complete, navigate to the System Preferences and open the Security & Privacy settings and allow the installation of the Presonus Quantum Thunderbolt driver.