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Feature Request for MIDI Mode: Assignable CCs for Faders

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asked Dec 31, 2020 in FaderPort 2018 by pauldecesare (5,640 points)
Greetings PreSonus Developers!

Fellow programmer here... we love the free firmware update you gave us for MIDI Mode on the FaderPort 8 & 16. Basically you gave us a JL Cooper FaderMaster, thank you for that! If we could have one additional feature where we could assign MIDI CC values to the faders, that would be so great. Doing MIDI Learn on sample libraries is so tedious as you know; assignable faders would be the answer. For instance, Spitfire's player has CC1 and CC11 reversed, so when I move them at the same time but not the same value, it's reversed in the player. They use 21 for Vibrato, so instead of C10 (Pan) on a Fader which doesn't get changed as you play in instruments, having Vibrato next to CC7 Volume would be so helpful. Sure, assignable knobs would be great too but that's not a small project. Just the Faders for now would be huge.



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