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Presonus studio 24c stereo line in?

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asked Dec 25, 2020 in Computer Based Recording & Production by congyuanchu (170 points)
Recently I just purchased a Studio 24c (2x2) audio interface. I connected my iPhone with the front input  port and tried to record the song playing on my iPhone, but it seems the audio was not in stereo. Is there any way I can do it in stereo?

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answered Jan 24 by guymarquis (690 points)
Yes but you first need to split your stereo signal out for your headphone cable into 2 mono signals that you will then connect to the 2 mono inputs of your Studio24c (Input 1 and 2). In you DAW, then pair inputs 1 and 2 as a stereo source.

You will have no issue finding these kinds of adapters/splitters on Amazon.
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answered Feb 12 by congyuanchu (170 points)
Thanks, it works. I could record it as stereo, just one more question, when play back it sounds like still mono, the output to the 2 speakers are the same. That is the way it works or I didn't set it up correctly? But anyway it's good enough for me now since I could record it as stereo.