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Poor sounding playback audio from audiobox 96

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asked Dec 23, 2020 in MyPreSonus Questions by brockbarrett (120 points)
I've never once been able to clearly hear audio in my headphones/speakers when connected to my audiobox 96. The audio sounds distorted and quiet. If I play a song, you can only hear certain instruments and vocals, while other pieces are silent or extremely quiet. The only way I can get clear audio is if I slightly pull out the headphone jack from the adapter connected to the box and squeeze the cord, as weird as that sounds. I've tried multiple adapters and headphones and they've all had the same result, leaving me to believe that the box must be the issue. Any recommendations to what I should do?

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answered Apr 19 by jeremytillman (140 points)
I  just installed my 96 etc. Tried a simple test recording of just vocals.  The playback through my PA as well as headphones was schreeching  to inaudible.  I Have not found a soultion yet but am having the same issue. Without techincal support I a left to asssume it is the box,