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Audiobox 96 not recording what's picked up in my microphone

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asked Dec 17, 2020 in AudioBox USB by haileyzimmerman (120 points)
I have my Audiobox 96 plugged in and set up with my computer. When I go into Studio One (5), I can hear the sound coming through my mic that's plugged into the audiobox, but it won't record any sound and doesn't register it (the levels don't move at all). When I look at the track input, it says "Input L - Disabled 1". How do I fix this so I can record with my mic?

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answered Feb 9 by qkbjhoex (140 points)
I have exactly the same issue, trying in audacity right now. Input and output detected and selected as Audiobox USB, but unable to record despite I can hear the feedback directly from the mic to the phones output.

Any update on this issue?