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How do I make my 49SL mk3 work with Studio One 5?

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asked Dec 15, 2020 in Studio One 5 by rikkistarrett (160 points)

I just signed up to Sphere today (I'm a long-time FL Studio and Ableton user).

Sadly I cannot get Studio One 5 to recognize my Novation 49SL mk3. The keyboard will list on-screen which VST it is controlling (Sylenth, Serum etc), so clearly there is some kind of connection. And I can use the mouse to play the instrument within Studio One, but there is no apparent connection when I manually play the keyboard.

I've done several searches on Google and YouTube, but can't get it to work.

Any help greatly appreciated.

1 Answer

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answered Dec 16, 2020 by rikkistarrett (160 points)
Just to add - the play/stop/search buttons work on my 49SL, I can control that side of Studio One directly from it, but I can't control any synths - although I can call each synth/instrument up with the keyboard.

This is really annoying. Only the keys aren't being recognized.