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Universal Control: the meters and compression have a noticeable lag

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asked Dec 14, 2020 in Studio 192 USB 3.0 Interfaces by lancebrown-ochs (560 points)
I just upgraded to the Studio 192 interface for the inputs and low-latency DSP/hardware monitoring.  One thing I've noticed is that when watching the meters and compression visuals in Universal Control, there is a significant lag.  For example, if I strum a chord or do a mic check, it takes a bit for the meter to jump and the compressor to kick in.

That said, I'm hoping it's just the display that is lagging, and not actually the DSP/hardware processing!  Especially the compression, obviously.

Anyone else have this issue?  Or is that just the way it is for everyone?  I have a new Windows 10 PC with loads of RAM and processing power, FYI.


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