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Why are muted tracks (that I cannot hear) being heard over Zoom?

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asked Nov 16, 2020 in Studio 192 USB 3.0 Interfaces by seanperrin1 (130 points)
I had an embarrassing situation today that I'd like to make sure doesn't happen again.

I am new to Presonus, having used Focusrite for the previous 10 years with no issues and I'm starting to question my decision...

Basically, I was playing a CD to listen to while working from home, but I had a zoom call. So I muted channel 5 and 6 (where the CD was playing into the line imports) and joined the call.

The meeting came to a grinding halt because everyone (BUT ME) could suddenly hear loud rock music in their headphones, even though I could not hear anything and confirmed the tracks were muted. The sound did not stop until I stopped playback on the CD player and had to apologize to the whole team.

This was very bizarre, and I'm wondering why it happened. Any feedback would be appreciated.

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answered Jul 30 by andyflaker (150 points)

I had the same issue today, but with my mic channel. (Nothing too embarrassing, my coworkers just heard me laugh a joke that was made in the meeting smiley). In UC, I have my mic muted and am using REAPER to pass the mic signal to Zoom through the "DAW" channels in UC. But apparently, even though my REAPER tracks were muted, the signal from the Mic Pre was live through Zoom. I assume this is not expected behavior. If it is expected behavior, apart from plugging the mic into a separate device that can be muted, is there a workaround?