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melodyne does not get the keyboard focus automatically when it opens

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asked Nov 11, 2020 in Studio One 5 by lucabongiorni1 (130 points)
Since I've updated my Studio One to the latest version I'm experiencing the following issue:

when I open an audio track with Melodyne (ctrl+m) the windows that contains the Melodyne instance does not get automatically the focus of my keyboard, I have always to first click the border of the window then it gets my keyboard commands.

Thanks a lot for your support,
OS: MacOS Catalina ver.10.15.7 -- Melodyne Studio: ver.

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answered Nov 13, 2020 by petrchernienko (340 points)
The same! Even when I click on a border shortcuts f1-f5 do not work! How to solve it?!
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answered Mar 7 by michaelcarrillo2 (560 points)
Further, when editing in Melodyne and then saving via keyboard shortcut, focus shifts back to studio one's arrange panel.  This is annoying because then I always have to mouse click the melodyne interface to regain focus.  I'm over here trying to cycle through tools and they're changing in S1 instead of Melodyne.  Just an annoying behavior.  It'd be better to maintain focus of whatever panel you're in.  I believe Adobe software does this.