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Running an Audiobox USB96 into a PC with Windows 10 can't trigger the digital interface to pop up anymore...

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asked Nov 11, 2020 in AudioBox USB by kathrynirving (120 points)
I have the Audiobox 96 running into my windows 10 PC. They are both updated as of today. A few days ago the interface aspect on the PC where you can fine tune the inputs stopped popping up when opening the universal control and I can not figure out how to open it to adjust the microphone more. Running in to a USB 3.1 input, the hardware works fine, just not the best audio at the moment thus the need to fine tune the mic. I have tried unplugging the unit from the pc, the mic from the unit etc etc. none of those solutions helped me figure out how to get the digital mixer to be useable. Please advise.

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