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Atom SQ : step sequencer with Ableton Live

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asked Oct 29, 2020 in MyPreSonus Questions by youngjunsong (130 points)
Is it possible to route Step Sequcence with Atom SQ in Ableton live 10 and route the notes what I sequence in Ableton arrange or live view?

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answered Jan 14 by henrikschminke (140 points)

I have just bought the ATOM SQ last week to use it with Ableton's Drum Rack.
It says its a Midi Sequencer. But i think in Ableton it doesn't have any sequencer functions.
In Ableton its only like a midi pad keyboard (launchpad pro) and a knob controller.
@Presonus why there is no Sequencer function for Ableton? A sequencer that supports Ableton but doesn't have any sequencer functions.
Hope you can help me out.

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answered Jun 8 by williammireles (160 points)
+1 for this request!! There are not enough Live step sequencer options out on the market. Please add. This will be a game changer! Thnx!