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Faderport v2 - Hover Link & Flip Fader

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asked Oct 27, 2020 in FaderPort Series Feature Requests by Mittens79 (940 points)
edited Oct 27, 2020 by Mittens79
Currently in Studio One, the Flip function on the Faderport v2 only controls pan. This is a waste of time IMHO and could be improved to huge degree.

Please add the functionality.

A) Once hovering over a plugin parameter with parameter link engaged, a user should be able to further 'flip' the knob and fader so the parameter being hovered over can be controlled by the fader.

B) Automation (plugins or synths) on the arrange page should be able to be edited with the Faderport fader using the 'flip fader' fuction. So, when an automation lane is selected on the arrange page, you can then 'flip' the fader to control that parameter and record more automation using the fader. (This is already possible on Faderport 8/16 and would be a real boon to Faderport v2 and 24c users).



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