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Ableton Live / ATOM SQ MIDI ports defined?

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asked Oct 15, 2020 in Atom Pad Controllers by markdelorenzo (740 points)
edited Oct 15, 2020 by markdelorenzo

In Ableton Live the MIDI setup is done automatically in MacOS MacbookPro ... NICE!

Ableton Live is set up with
Control Service = ATOM SQ
Input = ATM SQ (unknown mididevice)
Output = ATM SQ (unknown mididevice)

What is the ATM SQ (Control) port for?

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answered Oct 16, 2020 by oscargarza3 (8,360 points)
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The ATM SQ (Control) port is used when using the SQ in MCU or HUI emulation modes for DAWs that do not have a native implementation. All MCU or HUI control messages are sent via this port to separate the instrument from the control surface.