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I just wanted to mention that FreeBSD is not a form of Linux

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asked Oct 11, 2020 in Computer Based Recording & Production by douglasgoodall (130 points)
Actually, FreeBSD is an outgrowth of the 386BSD project by Bill Joy at UC Berkeley. Free BSD was intended to be an open source and freely distributable version of Linux that would run on machines with 386 processors. Subsequently Linux became stable enough and apparently became more popular than FreeBSD, although it is true that Apple does use major portions of FreeBSD in their macOS.

I am new to Studio One,    and I am a confirmed Linux user. I would opt for a Linux version in an instant, Linux being much more stable than Windows, and less highly controlled than Apple macOS.

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answered Nov 20, 2020 by jhbjhbkjnkjn (350 points)
yes! that's the main reason why I did not yet invest a few hours to learn Studio One, even though it looks interesting, and I got the artist version for free with my Atom.,

I have a mac, but I am more and more annoyed by the hardware quality at that price.

I want to use much cheaper and better pc hardware, and run Linux on it.

I am quite happy using Bitwig currently, but STudio One looks interesting, I would give it a try.  But not on a platform that i am going to leave in the not so far future.

And by the way, I will also only buy hardware devices that work on Linux, by having specific drivers, or being class compliant. The latter by the way is also necessary for iOS , so any hardware vendor interested in people using IPads for recording should be class compliant with their audio interfaces / usb mixers.