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Are there startup codes displayed when DP88 powers on ...

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asked Oct 4, 2020 in Computer Based Recording & Production by danieltaylor26 (120 points)
On powering up my DP88 I have never noticed the display showing codes that appear to be diagnostic. The display shows a sequence '6, 6 01, 6 00, 6 14' before display preamp 1 and its settings. Could those of you that own a DP88 quickly check this for me. I seem to remember the display just coming up with channel 1 and its last setting, so these codes are troubling. It very well could be that they were always there and I never noticed. The other issue is the what appears to be a random losing of my previous settings when powering up. Most of the times, my external clock settings are retained but every so often they are lost and the DP88 reverts to the Internal clock default settings. Is this normal as well?

Thank you for taking your time to respond ....


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