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The tutorials should have subtitles

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asked Jul 28, 2020 in PreSonus Sphere Feature Requests by santiagostu (250 points)
soy parte de la membresia sphere y todo el material extra en video esta en ingles. no manejo tanto el idioma como para entender todo, y no tienen subtitulos. me parece importante que se los agreguen, dado que muchas personas del mundo habla hispano accedemos al material y no todos manejamos el ingles a la perfeccion. muchas gracias, ojala pueda solucionarse pronto.


Administrator Edit (Google Translate says:)

I am part of the sphere membership and all the extra video material is in English. I don't manage the language so much as to understand everything, and they don't have subtitles. I think it is important that they be added, since many people in the Spanish-speaking world access the material and not all of us handle English perfectly. Thank you very much, hopefully it can be solved soon.

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answered Jul 29, 2020 by AlexTinsley (913,480 points)
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Thank you for the feature request. 

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answered Nov 3, 2020 by alfonsorusso (490 points)
I think it would be great to have at least automatic english subtitle, so anyone can follow the content. Unfortunately the spoken english isn't always understandable for anyone.

Please consider this feature.
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answered Dec 10, 2020 by jeremysturtewagen1 (220 points)

C'est exactement le sujet que je recherchais en venant ici ... Je suis un peu désabusé par l'ergonomie de la Sphère ainsi que son manque d'options tel que les sous-titres par exemple.

En espérant une évolution dans le bon sens de la part de Presonus pour visez plus loin et plus largement clin d'œil