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How can I edit volume envelope on audio track?

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asked Jun 19, 2020 in Studio One 4 by martymininger (360 points)

I want to edit the volume of a given audio track that will let me pull up or down at multiple places.  I can fade to cursor but many times I don't want to fade to zero volume.  In GarageBand the user creates a node/s and then move them around on the volume envelope as needed.  I am not finding a way that allows this type of editing.  I want to create a volume curve from any level to any level from point A to point B.  A straight line would work but I'm not finding a way to do this.  I'm legally blind and the help reference isn't helping.  


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answered Jun 19, 2020 by joegilder (13,670 points)
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It's called automation. Look it up in the manual. Sometimes called Automation Envelope or Volume Envelope. Also press A on the keyboard and the volume automation lane should show up.