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Studio one Cant Conect to register or to cloud

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asked May 30, 2020 in Studio One 4 by kyfisher (1,350 points)
Hi, I have just bought and installed studio one on 1 computer via Ethernet and 1 Laptop via WIFI with internet working fine on both

they both had problems when entering my product key.
the computer: "an error occured at the server (status 404)"
the laptop: "failed to connect to the server, Please check internet connection and try again"

first thing i tried on both was disabling the firewall but it didnt work.

so i did an offline activation on the laptop and it worked....
but the Cloud part in studio one still gives this error when i try to use it.

since this i have tried going into firewall advanced settings and removing the studio one ingoing and outgoing but it didnt work.

at this point im out of ideas,
thank you in advance for any help received :)

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