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Proper routing for analog summing

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asked Apr 6, 2020 in Studio 192 USB 3.0 Interfaces by ericstevens3 (360 points)
I have an old analog mixer and just for the fun of it, wanted to use it for some hardware summing.

Studio 192 (1.8-43)

Studio One 4 (4.6.1)

Universal Control (3.2.0)

Windows 10 (latest version) - Intel i5, 16gb Ram, SSD

In Studio One, I created the outputs in stereo pairs using the Line outs 1-8 on the 192. I then connected the line outputs to the line inputs on my mixer and sent the drums bus out of line 1-2. Next, I took the main outs from the mixer and sent those into Inputs 1 and 2 of the 192.

The problem seems to be that no matter what I try, the outputs seem to simultaneously be routed through the main outs.

Do I need to do anything in Universal Control to set this up properly? Can somebody give me a quick idea on setting up the 192 for analog summing?

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answered Feb 13 by spencerb885 (170 points)
I am currently in a similar situation. I am using an old Soundcraft desk for the same purpose. Presonus does not make this easy, and sometimes impossible. I have a Studio 192 connected to a DP88 and a bayringer AD/DA. You first need to assign whatever channels/busses you have inside Studio One to the outputs you want, instead of the MAIN out. This is done easiest on the console, just under where it lists each channels input, it should say 'Main". click this and a drop down menu will open, select the output you want. Then you have to go to Universal control, select the output pair you are working on. Go to input channel 27, the DAW channels. The Main output goes to DAW 1-2. In Studio One, line output 1-2 go to DAW 3-4, and so on. Therefore, in addition to the main mix, you can only have three seperate stereo outs, or 6 mono. This also makes the entire nature of the 32 outputs on the 192 highly misleading... I can not get the ADAT outs 9-16 to work at all, and only 1-6 to work from the DP88. All of this by routing things very unintuitively. I blame Universal Control.