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Headphone volume is not affecting Studio One 3 playback sound

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asked Mar 28, 2020 in Studio One 3 by saahilsharma1 (230 points)
My setup is just my laptop and monitors. Windows Audio is my audio device. Everything was okay until today.

External headphone volume is not controlling the sound coming out of Studio One. All the faders inside the DAW are working fine but the headphone volume seems to be fixed at 100 even though I can change it but it brings no change in the volume of sound coming from the DAW. In fact, playback audio doesn't stop even if the headphone volume is set to 0.

I checked using headphones and monitors but the same problem continues. If I listen to a MP3 track or a Youtube video outside the DAW, the headphone volume works perfectly fine. But not inside Studio One.

Please help as I mostly use headphones and am unable to mix due to this fact.

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