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Live Streaming Using Studio 192 Mobile

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asked Mar 27, 2020 in Studio 192 USB 3.0 Interfaces by davidbartolomei (400 points)
Im trying to make an live video performance recording the audio with my Studio 192 Mobile interface and the video with my Iphone. Have some questions to achieve the best connections possible.

What I'm doing is connecting the interface to a mac air computer by usb to be able to see it in my ipad and mix with it using the UC app.

Then I'm sending the audio from the main 1/4 line outs of the interface to my iphone using Irig adapter.

I'm asking cause I'm not satisfied with the sound. I have seen that I can send the audio from the interface by usb directly to the phone. Which is the best way to send the audio from the interface to the phone so I can record a live video?

The thing is I try this similar set up with a cheap mackie mixer and it sounded better and I think its maybe 'cause Im not doing the connections right.

For example, I connected a stereo piano through two 1/4 lines to the mic inputs on the front of the interface and it sounds cheap and it has I little bit of a ground sound. With the cheap mixer it sounded better and without any ground.

For this performance I want to record a:

Acustic guitar, Stereo Keyboard, two vocals and percussion

Hope anyone can give me some light in this, thanks!

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