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Show distance when dragging in arranger

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asked Mar 1, 2020 in Hardware Integration / Remote Control by magnetik (340 points)
Once of the features I miss from Logic is that when you drag an event in the arranger (or editor) Logic tells you how far you've moved relative to the original position. This way it's easy to be sure that you've dragged (or copied) an event 8 bars along instead of 7 or 9.

A little indicator saying "+x bars" overlaid on the event before you drop it would be very helpful.

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answered Mar 3, 2020 by Gregor Beyerle (5,520 points)
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answered Mar 24, 2020 by valentinosciacca1 (5,430 points)
Got my vote! I'm coming from Logic as well I really would like to see this option.