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I fear there's a blunder; Having upgraded to Melodyne Assistant (not a VST) Rewire isn't launching the upgrade

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asked Dec 31, 2019 in Studio One 4 by johnyezeguielian (400 points)
So far, Celeomony says to delete Essential, uninstall it, then reinstall the upgraded non-VST version.  But I don't see how that alone is going to engage Rewire for the new Assistant version.

Also ****** far from simple.

This needs to be addressed by Ceremony, but has become our problem.  Hope the upgrade is worth it, but I'm already wishing I hadn't done it.

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answered Dec 31, 2019 by johnyezeguielian (400 points)
Ok, so Celemony is right.  If you use the included uninstaller, then find your VST and AU files and delete them as well, when you reinstall, the Assistant version installs the VST and AU that are needed, but it launches the new Assistant version when you call upon Melodyne.

I've already asked them to be so kind as to let us know this stuff BEFORE losing several hours of sleep on it.