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Locking Out options for Presonus RM32 - Universal Control

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asked Nov 14, 2019 in Ai Mixers by jorgecruz (160 points)
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We have a FOH operator who is a nightmare to work with, - we are using Qmix - UC and all our members have access to their own monitor mixes for their In ears.. here's the issue. FOH operator keeps adjusting and moving all our mixes to what he thinks they should be at on his end. for example the drummer only wants lead vox, guitar, bass, and crowd, drummer has the mix how he wants it. before you know it, FOH operator has added everything else to the mix, moves adjusted volume levels. He does it to everyone and its really annoying. The question is.. is there a way to lock him out from adjusting any Aux mixes? Whats worse is that they wont fire him or let him go because we don't have anyone else to run sound at the church..

Is there such a thing to lock out certain parts of the system?

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answered Nov 14, 2019 by wahlerstudios (104,840 points)
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To answer your question technically: When somebody has "FOH permission", there is no way to keep any mix away from him. The Series III mixers allow the use of "profiles", which can exclude monitor mixes.

To answer your question generally: Try to find somebody who can talk to the FOH guy. He can give advice, but he is never allow to change things if the musicians do not want it. If you can't find somebody, you have to stop playing and make your protest public.

The third option would be to use splitters and separate FOH mix and monitor mixes conpletely.