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Thanks for the answer - I understand there is no hardware monitoring option of VST instruments

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asked Nov 14, 2019 in StudioLive Series III by kcorry1 (140 points)
My question is about the latency incurred when you feed a signal back from Studio One, via USB, so a VST instrument can be heard (whilst you are playing it) in the way you suggest. I was hoping to hear from someone who was doing something similar, and whether the latency was adequate to allow a 'live' performance of a VST in this way.

This is the mechanism I use on my current sound card - sending outs form Studio One into inputs on the card - and then hearing the result by sending the sound card outs to monitors. Latency is OK. However I have read reviews that Studio 192 native latency (as opposed to hardware) is not so good for this, and I was wondering if this problem persists in the Series III mixers.

Apologies if I was not clear enough in my original question!



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