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Stop earing other layers when recording a new one

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asked Jun 23, 2019 in Studio One 4 by fredannabi (130 points)

I am recording on a virtual instrument, in "takes to layers" mode. When I record a second layer, I can ear the previous one at the same time, which is really annoying. It is not the case when I record multiple layers in Audio so I don't understand what is wrong with my workflow. What am I doing wrong?


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answered Jun 24, 2019 by johndecarteret (570 points)

The likely reason that you're hearing multiple layers is because of a selection that you've not realized that you've made. I had this problem when playing back a vocal, suddenly I had a harmony. If you look at the layer tracks you'll see an up arrow on the RHS and if you select any of these below the activated layer you will hear them all.

If you them select the up arrow on the top layer it will then be the only layer you hear played back. I actually like this feature, never come across it before. I'm new to Studio One having just ditched Cubase and already I'm wihing i'd done it sooner. i purchase Studio One about 6 months back and just didn't make the change until last week. I'm loving it.