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Studio One Editor alternative to Acid Pro/SoundForge?

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asked Dec 15, 2018 in Studio One 4 by jamessamson (120 points)
I am new to Studio One, and have downloaded the demo, and I need some time to get used to it.

However is Studio One the closest to the older Acid Pro?

The newer v8.0 isn't very stable, and many users have pointed me in the direction of Studio one.

I really would like to replace my older Acid Pro and Sound Forge Combination with one newer up to date piece of software.
I like to destructively edit my loops (in SF) and save them edited first, then drag them over to Acid, whereby they loop perfectly to .000bpm!

I am looking for a DAW with the looping capabilities of Acid, and more importantly the destructive editing of Sound Forge, with dragging over areas to delete, then 'save' the file in place so as to remove unwanted audio etc at the beginning of a project.

Most DAW's don't really have a dedicated editor like Sound Forge, Wavelab etc, that can do very surgical edits.
Does Studio One have a dedicated editor? I know it has a mastering section, which I am not sure is the same thing?

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