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closed Sync Transport Functions of different DAW computers; one acts as the "Master" and the rest as "Slaves".

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asked Aug 17, 2017 in Studio One Feature Requests by enochgitonga (570 points)
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The idea came after I noticed that the new Presonus Quantum had two Thunderbolt 2 ports. Since it has now inbuilt DSP I wondered if it would be possible to connect two Computers to each of the Thunderbolt 2 ports and have one computer act as the record DAW (Master) and the other as the realtime effects processing DAW(Slave).

Then I noticed the new Goliath HD interfaces from Antelope Audio could use the Avid HD ports, MADI and Thunderbolt 2 ports simultaneously already. (Imagine if the MADI port was an AVB or Dante port instead)
Wait Presonus StudioLive Series III have AVB so does MOTU AVB line of interfaces that means AVB enabled computers can already be connected to the same network and clock.
That took me a step further and I thought how cool it would be for collaborative work, the drummer could record and produce the percussion section at home, the guitarist could do the same with their part, different people could work on different parts of a song and when they come together sync their computers as slaves to the producers DAW which can record all the parts like actual instruments. What about for film workflows, this would be very useful as one computer can be used for video playback and other computers for Dialogue, ADR, Effects, Foley, or Soundtrack Music.
It would need playback start/stop on the slaves to be activated when record/playback start/stop is activated on the master.
The advantage of this as opposed to bouncing tacks and moving them to the producers DAW would be; changes could be made in realtime on the slaved DAWs and/or they can be used/played as actual instruments, all while utilising their own processing.

As Native processing becomes more common place owing to the advancement in CPU and GGPU technology, even the basic computers will have considerable processing power. That means it wont be just the producer/engineer with a computer capable of producing and processing tracks.
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