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Nvidia Shadowplay with Audio-Box iOne: Drivers no longer support mono channel, recording audio stuck on left channel

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asked Jul 28, 2017 in AudioBox USB by thomasteapole (200 points)
I've tried rolling back, updating, updating firmware... There's no option for mono-channel anymore. If I can't set my microphone to mono in windows or via Universal Control, there's no way for me to record high-quality audio via shadowplay (Nvidia Share). If I really wanted to I could use third-party software every time I record, but that defeats the purpose of shadowplay in general!

If anyone knows how I can set my microphone to mono via windows or universal control, please help!

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answered Aug 1, 2017 by butchrichard (131,300 points)
selected Aug 2, 2017 by butchrichard
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Windows native programs use WDM drivers.  All WDM drivers are seen in pairs.  Input 1 and 2.  The only way you can use a single inptu channel is if can set to use only one single channel in the software program you use.  

Or, use a 3d party program that will allow you to route, merge and mix any I/O from any program in any way.

This one I hear is very flexible.