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Postby markusf » Tue May 18, 2010 6:20 am

Hi all.

I'm new to Notion3 and just had a look at the demo version. Most features are quite exciting, especially the sounds and the sequencer-type play-in functions. My question:

Is there any way to set-up or edit quantization factors? There doesn't seem to be any menu for it (or I'm too blind to find it).

It seems to me that a program that does take so much care with all the details would have given the user some kind of say in what quantization factor to apply? I believe most software uses 1-3 levels of quantization of raw data:

1. real-time input (not-quantized)
2. play-back quantization (including position and duration)
3. score quantization (depended or independent from play-back)

I found some evidence of quantization in the "quantize to notation" function, which did change note values, but not positions! What if users, e.g. younger students, still need more help during play-in? An 1/8 note quantization might be valuable for avoiding those unwanted semiquavers? The same applies to specific timing algorithms, e.g. swing or shuffle.

Can someone help me? I'm very impressed with notion but find the missing quantization a bit of a flaw.

New Zealand
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Re: Quantization

Postby zonefour » Sat Jun 05, 2010 5:54 pm

I would like to second the confusion over missing quantize options. I am getting notation anomalies when playing into the score that can not be (easily) fixed. My plan is to import into Finale 2010 for real score prep, but I'm afraid of what would happen without being able to clean things up first.

With this feature missing, I am feeling like this is just another "sort of notation, sort of sequencer" piece of software. :?

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