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Newbie with questions (johnny 5)

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Newbie with questions (johnny 5)

Postby stevguitarteacher » Thu Jan 16, 2014 6:42 pm

Tried to peak at this program thru youtube. Couldn't find basic editing techniques. Recently brought in some music translated from audio to midi. Has alot of cleaning up to do. Basic delete would be fine to know. I tried selecting and hit delete button on keyboard..Also it looks as the Progression 2 is missing alot of important gadgets that Notion has. Maybe I should have waited and saved enough to get it. Isn't that deceptive to us little guys? So what else can't I not do? I know you are trying to keep cost down, but just tell us up front.
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Re: Newbie with questions (johnny 5)

Postby guitarno » Mon Feb 24, 2014 9:22 am


I wish I had answers to give you, but I don't know Progression very well at this point. I own a version of Progression that came bundled with a Fishman Tripleplay MIDI guitar pickup. I have barely used progression, but am starting to look at it a little so I can decide if I like it enough to invest more in it and/or buy Notion.

Seems like this forum doesn't have a lot of traffic. Did you ever get answers to your posted questions? That's one thing that I do look at when buying - a vibrant, active user forum really helps get through the learning curve on a new piece of software. If the forum is not very active it makes it much harder to learn tips & tricks, and makes the software less attractive to me.
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Re: Newbie with questions (johnny 5)

Postby gritzz » Thu Mar 27, 2014 9:56 am


Yes, definitely not much traffic here. It would be helpful to have a handy guide on how to get about within the Progression program. Much of it is intuitive but knowing where to click and when would be helpful with the learning curve.

If anyone out there would care to respond I'd be much obliged. Here is what I'm facing. I just got the Progression program loaded yesterday and my purpose involves teaching kids to read simple melody lines, including sight reading for singing. I want to be able to enter a very simple melody with one instrument, the piano, for example. And then print this out for use. That's it! If you have any suggestions for a 1-2-3 click guide to help me accomplish this seemingly simple task, then bless you.

Best to you all!
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