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Midi Export Ignores Repeats

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Midi Export Ignores Repeats

Postby bitspiel » Sun Mar 10, 2013 9:00 pm

Have yet to discover how to get Notion 4 to export a midi file that honors the repeat directives in the score.

Is there some preference that I need to set to get the repeats honored?
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Re: Midi Export Ignores Repeats

Postby b13 » Mon Mar 11, 2013 7:34 am

Be satisfied.

I IMPORTED midifiles from other applications into notion, where the rest´s seemed to be forgotten or false. All was to correct manually. I don´t think, notion was responsible for this. But if it was, "forgotten" repeats would be corrected pretty quickly after import into another application.

Maybe it would be good, if the exported midi-track would be simular to the (with repeats) played score, but otherwhise if you import the (complet with the repeated measures) midifile into a application, which also works with repeats (which you would have to set manually) you would have to clear the repeated measures out of the track(s), because it would probably be to long.

"Repeats" and "Coda" and "D.S." as signs are not component of midi-protocol, if i am right. Midi does not understand this things, only played music: Timing-Position, Notenumber, Velocity, Lenght and System-Exclusive (Program-Change, etc.). No Repeatations.

But, after thinking about a while, i think, a checkbox would be good. Export MIDI with
:arrow: ( ) full played score data
In this case the user could choose, whether all notes (full score with all repeats) or standard (without repeats, just one time thrue the tracks). Then (with check) Notion should simulate playing the score with all repeats, D.S. and Coda and put all the MIDI-Data into the MIDI-Track.

Just an idea ... :mrgreen:

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