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Vibrato / Pinch harmonics

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Vibrato / Pinch harmonics

Postby DiCarlo » Sun Oct 04, 2009 7:14 am

I've owned Progression for about a year now, using it to record demos of my own material with the very realistic samples (especially on acoustic :) )
The electric however I find is lacking in some areas. The vibrato, on my version at least, sounds very out-of-tune :( The whammy vibrato is more in tune but just is a wee bit too wide. Is there any way I can improve the vibrato playback?
And also is there any way to effectively recreate a pinch harmonic sound? Not in a metal-y context, more like the intro riff of Pat Travers' Snortin' Whiskey.

Thanks, can't wait for the next Progression updates :)
Take care
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