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NOTION Newbie MIDI questions

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NOTION Newbie MIDI questions

Postby Celt » Sun Jul 17, 2011 5:53 pm

Hi! I'm relatively new to NOTION having been a Sib user, but moving over a few months ago. I love the Notion scoring stuff, as I find it is much faster to enter scores, however I've started using NOTION for my own stuff, and I've run into a few minor niggles, though nothing "show-stopping". The problem is that basically I am a hardware MIDI junkie. I've used Cubase 4 AI for a while, but I always prefer a "score" to a pure sequencer interface, and I like the NOTION compromise, but the "MIDI Techniques" don't yet seem to be fully implemented. I'd like to be able to input MIDI Program change, and MIDI Controller data into NOTION almost like a "step-time" entry, rather than through a real-time record (I want to be able to define the precise MIDI data to send), partly to initialise the instruments (some stuff powers on in a "default" setting, and needs to be"set-up", where others start up how they were left), but also to control not just the pitch and modulation but some of the other sound parameters (especially the filters).

Clearly NOTION doesn't have this MIDI complexity within its data entry, but is there another way? I've wondered about two possibilities:

1. Is there a VST that can add this MIDI functionality? I know that's an oxymoron to have a VST plug in managing the hardware, but it should be possible.
2. Can I use ReWire to sync another sequencer that is more MIDI savvy, which would just handle the controllers - can the Windows MIDI interface be shared by more than one app with both sending data simultaneously? If so, should I upgrade Cubase for this, or can someone suggest something that is a little "lighter" on the CPU and memory?

All suggestions gratefully received. Cheers!
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