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EWQL and Volume - Help!

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EWQL and Volume - Help!

Postby Corte » Fri Jul 16, 2010 12:25 pm


I recently purchased the EWQL Symphonic Orchestra Platinum Edition. I loaded up the program onto my 64-bit operating system (Windows 7), but made sure to also load in the 32-bit version of Play since the 64-bit version doesn't load into Notion.

Everything seems to have gone fine. EWQL Symphonic Orchestra appears as one of my options when I start a new score, and I can select the instruments and they all load into my template. The problem I'm having is that there is no sound. I loaded in some Garritan instruments along with some EWQL instruments and the Garritan instruments all play, but none of the EWQL ones do.

I opened up the instance of Play and when I tap the virtual keyboard, I get nothing - no sound at all. The master volume is all the way up - I'm just not getting any sound.

I'm using Play version 1.0.83.

Has anyone else run across this? Any ideas from the experts out there?

Thanks for your help!
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Re: EWQL and Volume - Help!

Postby jonahcat » Fri Jul 16, 2010 8:08 pm

Hmmmm. I have been using EWQL very happily until today when it stopped working as well! It doesnt load the instruments for some reason. Now I did download the upgrade to Notion today as well as the Play upgrade....
not sure what is going on....
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Re: EWQL and VST Volume - Help!

Postby rollinglenn » Tue Jul 20, 2010 8:57 am

I am having the same problem with a VST instrument. I have a bunch and they all work fine.

The one with no sound is Hauptwerk virtual pipe organ ([url][/url]). I have read elsewhere, but cannot find a "work-around" to this.

Can anyone help someone who is a bit slow at this programming thing, but really wants to use Hauptwerk with Notion???

Thank you!

Glenn H Tiedemann

Wharton, New Jersey USA
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Re: EWQL and Volume - Help!

Postby Corte » Tue Jul 20, 2010 9:07 pm

It seems as though the new version of Play may be causing an issue with Notion loading the EWQL instruments. I'm working with support on this and will let you know when a fix is found.
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Re: EWQL and Volume - Help!

Postby swartzta » Sat Aug 07, 2010 10:22 am

Hello - I just recently converted over to Notion. I think I am experiencing the same issue, but because I'm a newbie, I cannot be 100% sure.

During the trial period, it saved the instruments that I loaded into the Play occurrences and then loaded them upon opening the Notion file. Now, after going through Play updates as well as Notion updates, it will save the fact that it's a Play occurrence, but will not pull back the instruments and their settings. It does not seem to effect the VSTi effects (at least the ones I've loaded - those settings were saved and loaded when the file was reopened).

I'm using Mac, with Notion 3.1.275 and Play - EWQL Gold.

I am hoping someone in the Forum can confirm that my understanding of what is going on here is the same as referenced in this thread, and if it was solved by using a prior version of Play? If Notion staff see this, is a resolution to this in the works and any EDC for the patch?


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