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Help! Why are all my VST not enabled in Notion 3 ?

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Help! Why are all my VST not enabled in Notion 3 ?

Postby godfreyguo » Thu Mar 10, 2011 2:16 pm

How can I solve this problem? Thank you all~
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Re: Help! Why are all my VST not enabled in Notion 3 ?

Postby Admin » Thu Mar 10, 2011 2:43 pm

godfreyguo wrote:How can I solve this problem? Thank you all~

You should be able to click on each vst and then click the "enable" button.
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Re: Help! Why are all my VST not enabled in Notion 3 ?

Postby wcreed51 » Thu Mar 10, 2011 2:56 pm

Another question would be "Why are they listed twice?"
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Re: Help! Why are all my VST not enabled in Notion 3 ?

Postby Surfwhammy » Thu Mar 10, 2011 4:05 pm

wcreed51 wrote:Another question would be "Why are they listed twice?"

[NOTE: In this reply, "you" refers to the person whose computer is having the problem, which apparently is someone else, but so what . . . ]

Presuming that Windows 7 continues to have a system registry, you might be able to get some additional information there, but if you do not know how it works, it is best to avoid tinkering with the system registry . . .

The intuitive guess is that you might have two logins or user accounts, and while there is only one set of files they somehow are associated with two separate logins or user accounts, hence the double listing of everything . . .

Based on there being no ellipses after "C:/Program FIles/VstPlugIns/Absynth 2.0.dll", it certainly appears that there is only one file but it is duplicated for some reason . . .

[NOTE: After a quick jump into the Amazing Wonderland of Windows . . . ]

It appears the the system registry continues to be a stellar aspect of Windows 7, although it is called the 'Registry" for simplicity . . .

And this description of a possible scenario might apply in one way or another:

File and registry virtualization helps users who have restricted access to the registry and to the file system write to these protected areas. Virtualization creates a "per user" copy and then redirects successive data operations. For example, assume that an application is running under a Limited User Account or under accounts that require User Account Control permissions. When this application writes to a system location, such as to the %programfiles% folder, Windows Vista and Windows 7 redirect write operations and read operations to a user-specific location in the user’s profile folder (%localappdata%\VirtualStore). By default, this location is C:\Users\User_name\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\Application_name. Registry virtualization works similarly but applies to registry keys under the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE subtree. The keys and data under this subtree are redirected to the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Classes\VirtualStore subkey.


And while I have neither seen a Windows 7 machine nor used one, I have no doubt that I could solve the problem if I could do a bit of what I call "scouting around" on your computer, but this is not possible, so all I can do is make a few guesses . . .

One of the more interesting aspects of Microsoft is that they rarely change the innermost stuff in Windows, so while it might appear that everything is so like completely and totally new or something, the reality is a bit different, and the "secret sauce" continues to be the same . . .

So, I am quite intrigued by "virtualization", since it fits nicely with the idea that Windows 7 somehow thinks that there are two sets of what most likely are one set of real files . . .

Mac OS X does something similar, and it is equally confusing in some respects, so this is not solely a bit of Windows weirdness . . .

Summarizing, stuff rarely happens on computers for no reason, and when you have what appear to be two sets of the same files, there is a reason . . .

One possibility is that it is related to "virtualization", which in turn appears to be associated with multiple user accounts or whatever . . .


So, it could be that most of the time you run Windows 7 with a less privileged user account, but for doing installs you have to switch to an Administrator or higher privilege account, and this somehow results in there being two "virtual" copies of stuff . . .

Lots of FUN . . .

P. S. Whether this ultimately is an application, install, or user-account specific problem is another matter, but intuitively it makes no sense to display what appear to be the same files two times . . .

It could be a matter of installing the files when running with a lower privilege account where the installation program temporarily increased its privileges, or it could be a matter of installing the various files two times (once with a lower privilege account and then again with a higher privilege account), but regardless I think that the Notion 3 dialog box should have another column to provide some type of additional information that uniquely identifies the files, perhaps with respect to identifying their ownership by specific user account . . .

In other words, if this is the view when Notion 3 is run with the user logged-in as an Administrator or high privilege account, then seeing all the files is fine with me, but I think the files should be made unique by user account or something . . .

Or perhaps not . . .
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