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Notation Enhancement

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Re: Notation Enhancement

Postby pcartwright » Thu May 01, 2014 3:55 pm

True. Hopefully Notion and Presonus won't get dragged into complacency as the only production based notation program on the market.
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Re: Notation Enhancement

Postby elerouxx » Mon May 05, 2014 9:42 am

tubatimberinger wrote:I think a lot has to do with being acquired by one of the 'big boys'. Whenever this happens (in any industry) there is gonna be a period of disarray. The better the acquiring company, the shorter the time it takes. I'm taking this into account. I'm disappointed, but not surprised. The story always ends one of two ways; really, really good or really really bad. Either N5 will be Amazeballs or it will be the beginning of the end. I'm actually thinking it will be Amazeballs. What they have going for them, is there still isn't anything that can replace Notion and what IT does.


I agree in some points. However, Notion development has been this way for some years now. I hope that the acquisition may improve this. I'll sit and watch how Notion 5 comes out. And I already lost hopes about Notion 4. I think I was investing in the future, but I don't think Notion 4 will be updated.

And this is also a main problem for me. Current Notion 4 revision (329) has issues: the fretboard is broken, it doesn't work for editing chords, and doesn't support touchscreen properly. I use an earlier revision (325) which doesn't have these problems, but REWIRE isn't working properly in this revision. So, i feel I am working with a broken, open toy, I have to mess up with installations everytime I have to use rewire or use the fretboard.

Another problem for me is Notion's extreme confidentiality. I understand it's not a big team, and announcing things would put them in difficult situations, so historically we don't see any announcements about development. However, we should have at least a version history telling us what issues were addressed or what changed in Notion's revisions, and we don't. I have to take personal notes on them, like this:

Broken Fretboard. (Can enter notes, but cannot edit written notes or chords like before)
Rewire working ok. (but will be broken if any previous version executable is RUN)
Not touch friendly, doesn't work well with a windows tablet's pen or touch. Pen or touch entry causes duplicated notes.

Touch works OK. Gestures, flicks, panning and pinch zoom works ok, pen also works great.
Fret works GREAT
Rewire has issues, doesn't work properly if using 32-bit Notion in a 64-bit Windows OS.
(Rewire will be broken if 325 is launch, even if going back to 329 later)

So, what are the chances that they launch a last revision with at least these issues fixed?
And what about the chances of Notion 5 inheriting the bugs of Notion 4's latest revision!? That would be just terrible. And since there's no feedback from Notion... how would we know?
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