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Parts Headers

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Parts Headers

Postby swingtones » Thu Jan 14, 2010 8:11 am

I a new user halfway through my 10 days trial
I've prepared a trial Big Band Score and when I select the dynamic parts option , say 1st Alto, and want to show the part name in the header, I have to type it in. ( If I do'ne then I sipmply get the If I then co back to Full Score and then Seylect the 2nd Alto part, the header shows 1st Alto!
Surely the programme should pick up the part name automatically. It's crazy that it needs to be typed in for each part or could I be doing something wrong

Another comment is that I'm unable to select my own choice of font for header text and there is no option to free position text or change the default sizes.
I discovered this as I tried to place a tempo marker in the header. No can do as the tempo marker is tied to a stave. If I were able to select my own font it would be easy to overcome this restriction.
I did post a question to Notion Music but may not get an answer as I haven't yet placed an order for the product
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