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Feature Request.

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Feature Request.

Postby gregmo » Thu Jul 11, 2013 8:46 am

Ok, perhaps this is nitpicking, and I know that the Notion team is constantly doing a GREAT job given everyone's demands. I have what I THINK are a couple simple feature requests.

Under the "measure" drop down, we can "link" a measure to the next measure, but sometimes the spacing just doesn't work correctly. It would be nice to also be able to link the measure to the previous measure....unless this is already available and I'm missing it??? I was working on a piece of music for my choir, trying to fit it all on one page. I forced a system break between the chorus and verse. It put the last measure, which was just rests, on a line all by itself. I fiddled around with it for awhile, and finally got it to work, but it would have been helpful and quick to have a "link to last measure" feature.

Also, lyrics. Again, unless I'm missing something, it seems the only way to enlarge the font of lyrics is to enlarge the whole notation, which sometimes isn't viable. It would be nice to alter the font size of lyrics without enlarging the notation.

Another minor issue, which I guess could be fixed by importing a pdf of the score into a publisher and manipulating and printing that way. But, I've been trying to find a simple method to produce self written octavos for my choir. Meaning, there would be two "pages" of music on one sheet. Again, I guess the way to do this would be by importing into pages, or some other publisher on my computer and manipulating that way. I HAVE noticed, by the way, that the paper size that most music publishers use for octavos is a special ordered or made size of paper, and doesn't exist most of the time at Kinkos or any other store.

Here's to hoping that the EWQL presets will be "fixed" and enhanced in future updates!!! Correct timpani notation that will play rolls without having to put a "ghost" staff or 8va marker, etc....more articulation usage without having to "fiddle" with rules (for those of us who just like to compose and NOT program).

You guys have the best product, and the best customer service. I thank you for all your hard work. Please know that it is appreciated....
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Re: Feature Request.

Postby thorrild » Thu Jul 11, 2013 9:42 am

Hi gregmo,

As you point out in your post, it pays to experiment with the "link measure" feature. In my experience, this single command is capable of handling every layout requirement I throw at it — it's just that sometimes you have to work your way backwards in the score, instead of forwards. Keep playing with it and it becomes easier to use.

As for booklet printing, this is — at least on the Mac — a printer driver feature. When I call up the Print dialog box, I see a drop down menu with the item "Booklet Printing" on it. It may not be available with all printers. For one thing, it requires duplex printing. And it may not be available for Windows users; I just don't know...

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