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Warlock - Capriol Suite Remastered with MIRx

PostPosted: Sat Jun 07, 2014 3:09 am
by idiotSavant
Following on a suggestion by Migot, I've tried remastering this piece for large string ensemble using MIRx. It sounds pretty good, to my ears, but there are better ears out there.

This is Notion driving, using VSL Dimension Strings (except Bass), recorded in Teldex Studio Berlin with MIRx Settings. I'm using ValhallaRoom for reverb tail, and Native Instruments Passive EQ for mastering. I'm also using Britson Bus and Britson Channel by Sonimus for adding some warmth.

The Vienna Ensemble breakdown is as follows:

Violins I - 8
Violins II - 8
Violas - 6
Cellos - 6
Orchestral Basses (Section)

Feedback greatly appreciated!