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Symph. Orchestra&EWQL Piano...trying to sound like filmmusic

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Symph. Orchestra&EWQL Piano...trying to sound like filmmusic

Postby Bobb77 » Sat Jan 25, 2014 8:03 pm

Here is my latest output, trying to get my 2011 version into a bigger symphonic orchestration using EWQL Pianos, Orchestra and Miroslav Philharmonik:

I dont have any background regarding Music theory and harmony (just playing trumpet and guitar), just an autodidact.
Always trying to find the big themes, quite proud of the violin melody beginning from 01:45... always trying to let it sound big.. quite like film music.

I have so many ideas, Notion 4 is the only help to get some of them done into music, but never get enough time to convert them into music titles.

Im suffering with the mix, im pleased with the single sounds, but not pleased with the mix... any hints?
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Re: Symph. Orchestra&EWQL Piano...trying to sound like filmm

Postby Chandlerhimself » Sun Jan 26, 2014 12:49 am

Sounds pretty nice. I liked it. As for the mix, it could use some work. Try using a short reverb and paralell compression to make things sound a little bigger. Also try using some eq to make things sound more clear. Finally a lot of your piece seems to be panned to 1 side. I'd try to balance it out more.
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