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Real String and articulations - Concerto for Violin

PostPosted: Fri Sep 20, 2013 8:18 pm
by Yves
Dear all Notion Users,

Here is an extract from my latest composition.
I used my only beloved Synful instrument for all the instruments that are all Strings, with nearly all articulations:
- arco/Legato/detaché/lourde/pizzicato/col legno/Bartók Pizz/muted/staccato/spicatto/mezzo staccato/grace notes/tremolo/sul ponticello/sul ponticello tremolo...
the only articulation I have not used is the harmonic...

most of those articulations are just the result of my Synful script that adjust the note length (my rules that I shared with you).

Here is below the story of this concerto for violin and String orchestra... sometime limitation brings new solutions and alows to have new ideas, open new doors... I think I have made some great improvment in realism of the strings, and I wanted to share this with you...

During holidays, I was not able to transfert my full score Tools and libraries on my laptop (for lake of time and drive space, and complexity of transfering all licences on the laptop...).
So I was only able to bring Synful and Notion 4 with my Waves plugins and East West Space plugin...
Originally, my goal was to finally be able and have time to rewrite my synful rules with the new rules available with Notion 4... So I started writing for strings some basic music lines and articulations to have a "Template" to be used and work on it refining my synful rules... but then Inspiration realy came, and in the few time I had on my own, i use it to write and edit this concerto... no new synful rules script... just a new composition!

When I compose, I can go really quickly in writing music, but I can hear each new line of music a thousands of times! I can spent hours listening and listening again what I have done... composition from 9pm to 12pm, but then from 12pm to 4 am: just listening again and again...
So during this continuous hearing I had time thinking how to improve the overall realism of the sound and play, so I tweaked both the articulations, and Eqing.
Also, I have paid particular attention on creating realistic section Inside Synful (number of players, balancing all violins I/II,viola, cellos and double bass together, detune thru all players/speed and synchronisation of all players together thru the section editing of Synful).
I read a lot on string recording, andhave passed a lot of time hearing and EQing all sections togethers, using some new great EQ from Waves (I became an absolute fan of Waves EQ: not all Eq are equalls, I found it, and it could make a huge difference!!!. with the sales, I acquired, Redd, HLS, Puigtec, API, RS56... all for a specific use and result... it would be too long to explain what I achived with each, but I think it will worth sharing it on an other post what could be achieve with EQing for blending all our virtual instruments together...

so here is the link below to hear this extract from my conerto for violin and string orchestra.
it is not yet finished, but Worth being shared...

I hope you will enjoyed it!

Realism help me to write freely and use all the inspiration without limits, but what matters at the end, is the musical composition itself... I hope you will love it.... :)

Re: Real String and articulations - Concerto for Violin

PostPosted: Mon Sep 23, 2013 9:04 am
by crosati
Very beautiful. It sound so natural. My compliments.

Re: Real String and articulations - Concerto for Violin

PostPosted: Tue Sep 24, 2013 2:06 pm
by Yves
Thank you very much Claudio! This is good to have professional earing!!!

Realitic phrasing thru real articulation transition achieve such realism... and I wanted to share my enthousiasmic tools with other users!
Trully, if I can help other Notion users looking towards those wonderfull instruments that are Synful and Willander, as they help me to explore more complex/realistic phrasing, that would help everybody too, and so I would be happy! ;)
The last step of realism was to manage the sound of synful to get it as good as other great sample libraries... thing that I believe I chieved now! :D

I thought for a moment to share the same Concerto thru Notion Strings, or Miroslav Strings, or Garritan Strings (I own those 3 libraries)... but it is not fair as they sound terribly bad because of the repetitive pattern of Ostinato, and multiple divisi I can have up to 3 divisi section thru the 12 first and second violinss, while on any sapmle librairies it would sound as 3x12 first violins + 3x12 second violins: trully it would sound so "blurry"/unrealistic), and because of the lake of "transparent expression" (recorded samples, have always a typical "momentum" highlight/expressive during the sostenuto note).
I found myself more free with such real phrasing... free to look and test new phrasing that we unconciensly avoid with sample Library...